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We have been drafting blog posts about attorney career transitions for more than 15 years. Some of that advice has been impacted by technology or has otherwise become dated. Below, we share some of our most recent posts and others that have stood the test of time.

When It’s Too Early for a Lawyer to Change Careers

You hate your law job. That’s the one thing of which you are sure.  But how do you know whether that’s just a phase?  This is the question that any potential career changer (whether or not you are an attorney) has to answer. As a career coach for lawyers, I’ve...
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7 Career Transition Strategies for Lawyers Who Hate Their Jobs

1.  Make Your Current Job Better.  As a career coach for lawyers, I know that too many attorneys who dislike their jobs act as if they live in a world that is binary. There are only two choices; either they stay at their present job and accept all the shortcomings...
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What Lawyers Really Mean When They Say They Can’t Afford to Change Jobs

If you talk to lawyers who are dissatisfied with their jobs, you will often hear them say the following phrase: “But I can’t afford to . . .” Some feel they can’t afford to leave the practice of law.  Others perceive that they can’t leave their law firm partnership.  There...
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The Job Title Mistake

When lawyers think about making a career change, they often make a common mistake.  They evaluate potential alternate jobs and careers based on their job titles.  They will say things (to themselves and others) such as, “Being a journalist might be interesting” or “I wouldn’t like to be an actuary.”...
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