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Since 2004, Successful Career Strategies has helped lawyers make career transitions. We are practicing and former lawyers and are experienced in collaborating with law firm attorneys ranging from solos to Am Law 100 partners, as well as in-house counsel, non-profit lawyers, and government lawyers. Contact us if you want to identify a new a career path or land a new job in or outside the law.

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Through one-on-one coaching, we guide lawyers to change law firms, switch practice areas, and move to in-house positions, government roles, and a range of opportunities outside of the law, including at non-profits, with legal tech companies, and in academia. We have also helped attorneys start their own businesses.


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We assist law firm attorneys seeking to lateral to equity and non-equity partner positions. We usually work behind the scenes at every stage of the hiring process, advising clients on how to complete Lateral Partner Questionnaires, prepare for interviews, negotiate compensation, and integrate smoothly to new firms.


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Law firms often retain us to help find new jobs for associates, of counsel, or partners who are leaving. This service is usually provided in conjunction with a separation or severance agreement between the firm and the exiting attorney. Working with us allows the firm to maintain confidentiality as we help that lawyer move forward.

  • The Truth about Stealth Layoffs 
    A few months ago the phrase that was getting a lot of attention was “Quiet Quitting.”  Now it’s “Stealth Layoffs.”, in a September 9 article with the somewhat breathless sub-heading “Yikes! Sorry but the party’s over” reports that some large law firms are planning to reduce their attorney headcount without officially calling it a layoff. Instead, they will use a combination of attrition and poor performance reviews to reduce the size of the flock. The article refers to this practice as “disturbingly popular” and implies that large law firms are somehow unique in employing these tactics.  As career coaches… Read more: The Truth about Stealth Layoffs 
  • Three Reasons Why Lawyers Should Respond to More Recruiter Calls
    The legal market is as dynamic as it has been in a generation. The difference in compensation between the top of the market and everyone else is continuing to widen. And it’s not just compensation. It’s also the quality of work. More legal work is becoming commoditized, made routine, and less intellectually challenging. It is more important than ever to know your value in the market. But that is not what is happening. Too many lawyers are burying their head in the sand and refusing to even find out what is going on in their market. This is true even… Read more: Three Reasons Why Lawyers Should Respond to More Recruiter Calls
  • Why News About Associate Salaries at Am Law 100 Firms Are A Distraction
    News about pay increases for associates at Am Law 100 firms have been dominating headlines since the start of this year. While it sounds like an enticing factor for attorneys looking for new career opportunities, this so-called “salary war” may not be as consequential as many lawyers think.  A recent article that appeared in the American Bar Association Journal compares salaries amongst three New York-based firms: Milbank, Cravath, and Davis Polk.  Milbank started the trend back in January by offering an associate pay scale ranging from $215K to $385K. Cravath had led the market with a scale of $215K to… Read more: Why News About Associate Salaries at Am Law 100 Firms Are A Distraction

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