Outplacement Services

The Problem

Some large law firms provide career transition assistance as part of a separation package. This generally happens during layoffs or when a more senior lawyer is involved.  The law firm almost always contracts with an outside company to help with the career transition.  Too often, however, the outplacement program selected by the law firm isn’t appropriate for the individual lawyer.  There is a better way.

The Solution

Most law firms are indifferent as to who provides the outplacement assistance.  They primarily care about how much it costs.  Don’t assume that you have to use the company with whom they have contracted.  You don’t.  Find out what the contracted outplacement program includes.  We can often provide you with a customized plan that is designed just for you at or about the same price.

Case Study

A branch office of a national law firm laid off a litigation associate in October.  As part of their separation package, the firm agreed to pay for two months of group career assistance beginning in November.  After finding out that the group program wasn’t even limited to lawyers, she asked the firm’s HR Department whether they would pay for her to work with Successful Career Strategies.  A week later, an agreement was in place to start working with her in January, when she wanted her job search to begin.  She received the individualized assistance she wanted at no cost to herself.