Outplacement Services for Law Firms

Numerous law firms ranging from boutiques to the Am Law 200 have contracted with Successful Career Strategies to provide outplacement services to attorneys as part of a severance or separation package. These have included layoffs conducted for economic reasons, departures that follow the arrival of a new management team, and career transition assistance provided as part of a settlement with an employee.

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We work with attorneys to transition within the practice of law, from making lateral moves between similar organizations to successfully creating new firms. We have helped lawyers to shift from law firm roles into academia, the non-profit sector, and in-house law departments. Our team assists with next steps from the completion of Lateral Partner Questionnaires to the development of business plans.

If you are a lawyer transitioning out of a company, know that you can request an outplacement firm that fits your needs. Employers often suggest a company they’ve chosen, but that organization may not have the background and approach that is the best fit for you.

Benefits of Outplacement


The separation agreement providing outplacement services will almost always include a confidentiality provision. This reduces the risk of a lawsuit between the exiting attorney and their former employer.


The outplacement process creates a clean break, allowing us to ease tensions between the exiting attorney and their former employer. We do not disclose the individual’s plans to the firm beyond notice that our services have been engaged.


We provide help tailored to the lawyer leaving their firm so that both sides can move forward. We can often schedule an initial meeting within days of the departing attorney leaving their job.

Process & Pricing

We often provide outplacement services on a flat fee basis. Most agreements range from two to nine months, and we provide exact quotes tailored to each firm’s specific circumstances.

Our clients are not limited to a certain number of hours on our end. We operate under a rule of reason, allowing clients to reach out as they see fit. We schedule in-person or telephonic sessions every ten days to two weeks in the beginning of the process and maintain frequent contact as our clients become involved in interviews and salary negotiations.


To inquire about outplacement services, get in touch by phone or email using the contact information below.


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