Lateral Partner Coaching

Most lawyers looking to make a lateral move haven’t gone through a job transition in many years and may never have handled this type of negotiation. Law firms, in contrast, routinely hire new talent. We balance the playing field.

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The Kinds of Transitions We Help With

We have assisted equity partners, non-equity partners, Of Counsel, and senior associates with their own books of business to lateral between national firms and to move from boutiques to larger firms or vice versa. Many of these transitions have involved recruiters, while, in other cases, we have advised lawyers working directly with decision makers at their potential new firms.

Lateral Partner Questionnaire

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Lateral moves for lawyers are unlike most job transitions in that the firm is hiring you for your portable book of business. In the recruitment process, you will need to provide detailed information regarding your business plan and the clients you believe you can bring with you to the firm. Since 2015, firms are relying increasingly on Lateral Partner Questionnaires to collect information about candidates for lateral moves. The information provided goes a long way in determining whether or not someone gets an offer, as well as what their compensation will be. We have reviewed dozens of LPQs, and we help clients respond to them in a way that shines the best light on their background and maximizes their potential compensation.

Interview Preparation

High-paying positions generally require multiple rounds of interviews, often including the managing partner, the head of a practice area, or a committee of attorneys who evaluate candidates for partnership. Any one of these steps can become the obstacle that keeps you from being hired. Our coaching ensures that you are prepared for each interview, and we provide support through the ups and downs of a process that often lasts several months.

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Salary Negotiation

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Too many laterals focus on traditional forms of compensation for non-equity partners, such as base pay and bonuses, without fully understanding how equity partners are selected and compensated. The best time to find out how equity partner compensation works is during the interview process. We help laterals collect the information they need to fully assess partner compensation and negotiate the best terms.

Lateral Partner Integration

Law firms commonly struggle to integrate lateral partners, leading many to underperform compared to what they project during the interview process. We assist clients in navigating the culture and office politics of their new firms so that they can obtain the support they need, identify associates to work on their matters, and grow their books of business.

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