Dec 01
office desk with binder labeled "complaints"

Cole Schotz Associate Sabotaged His Critique of Big Law

Having spoken with plenty of lawyers who refer to large law firm culture as “soul-crushing,” news of a former Cole Schotz associate who recently railed against the firm on social media and in public blog posts didn’t come as a total shock. Unfortunately, Myles MacDonald, in seeking to “feel human,” took an enormously destructive path, allegedly posting confidential documents on LinkedIn and threatening to release similar firm information on various other platforms. Because of the extreme nature of his actions, the focus of the story turned quickly to efforts aimed at blocking the leaks rather than to anything particularly egregious the firm might have done to elicit such a response. MacDonald could have been a sympathetic figure. But he went about things in a way that may have done irreparable damage to his career and obscured an opportunity to discuss the culture and practices of certain law firms and their clients.