Jul 22
woman at desk with her head in her hands

What to Do When You Feel Stuck

Being multi-talented can be a disadvantage when a lawyer tries to figure out what kind of career change they want to make.  As a career coach for lawyers, I have talked to many clients who have a multitude of talents and interests.  They almost have to many choices.  And that can cause lawyers to feel stuck.  They jump around from one potential career to another.

Their inner dialogue sounds something like this:

  • “I like writing, so maybe I should be a journalist. But that doesn’t pay much, and most journalism majors are unemployed.”
  •  And I like school, so maybe being a teacher would be better.  But today’s generation of students are different.  Not sure how fun that would be.”
  • “I do enjoy Japanese culture, so maybe I should move there.  But that would take me away from my family and friends.”

And on and on it goes.

There is a better approach.

Rather than bounce around from one option to another, explore one option in some detail.  Ultimately, you’re in control, and you can decide whether you will leave the practice of law or switch law jobs.  Talking to people who have either made the transition you are considering, or are knowledgeable about a certain field doesn’t obligate you to change course.  But it will help you feel that you are making some kind of progress.  That’s why focusing on one of your choices will help you feel less stuck.

So which choice should you focus on first?  Trust your instincts.  Which interests you the most?  And if you aren’t sure, start with the option that’s easiest to explore.

You aren’t making a life-long commitment, so just start exploring your options.