Since 2004, Successful Career Strategies has been focused on helping lawyers switch jobs, find jobs, and figure out what they want to do professionally. Unlike recruiters, we don’t have a financial incentive to steer you to large law firms or the relatively small percentage of other employers that pay headhunters. Our mission is to help you find the kind of job you want, whether or not it involves practicing law.

If You Don’t Know What Kind of Work You Want To Do

The biggest challenge facing many of our clients is deciding what they want to do. They know that there current situation is dissatisfying; they feel stuck but aren’t sure how to proceed. Someof our clients have been practicing law for years even though they felt early on that something was amiss. If that describes you, we can assure you that you are not alone. It is not unusual for a lawyer who has been content for many years to look for change. We help our clients figure out what kind of changes they want to make, what kind of positions they would prefer, and then help them get there.

When You Want Help Finding Your Next Stage of Your Career

We help our clients with every aspect of finding a new job. This includes: identifying potential employers, drafting resumes, profiles and cover letters, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and even helping them start strongly at their new position.

Our services, however, are not limited to those looking for a traditional job or to be an employee.  We have helped attorneys who are looking to start their own companies or pursue charitable endeavors.